Vaccine Awareness Campaign

Indian National Young Academy of Sciences (INYAS) is proud to launch a nationwide vaccine awareness campaign in light of the pressing need to carry out large scale immunization and manage the apprehensions against the vaccines in common public. We believe as a young body of responsible scientists and engineers; it is our duty to participate in making people aware about the benefits of immunization through vaccine and abolish the myths which are deterring people from taking the shots.

INYAS has planned this campaign through a multi-pronged approach.

  1. Release of documents containing myths and facts about vaccines in 11 languages including Hindi and English. Click here to view them .

  2. Launch of COVAC NEWS mobile application made by INYAS for ensuring information at the fingertips.
    Click to download the app for free here (Will be updated)

  3. Pan-India Infographic Video and Audio Competition (PIVAC) with motivation to transform information into better readable and effective formats. The entries will be utilized to increase vaccine awareness by INYAS.
    • These competitions will allow entries in form of Infographics and Audio- Videos.
    • The entries will be judged in three groups – School, College and Professional.
      To apply and to find more details about the competition, please visit here (competition closed).

  4. GYANTEEKA – webinar series dedicated to increase awareness about vaccines.
  5. INYAS Press Release on the Use of Remdesivir in Covid-19 Treatment
  6. Open Statement on Covid-19 Vaccination

The official launch is planned on 6th April 2021. Prof. Ashutosh Sharma, Secretary, Department of Science and Technology, has kindly agreed to inaugurate the campaign.

Please join YouTube streaming with this link :