Pan-India Infographic Video and Audio Competition (PIVAC)

INYAS is pleased to announce platform for everyone in the country to participate and unleash creativity towards the objective to create awareness about vaccines, decrease the apprehensions and burst the myths. This infographic and audio-video creation competition is launched with motivation to transform information into better and effective formats. The entries will be utilized to increase vaccine awareness by INYAS.

The competition is open to Indian nationals only.  There is no entry fee.  Entries will be under 3 groups:

  1. School students
  2. College students pursuing a degree
  3. Others

This competition solicits entries in two kinds:


An original infographic where the information/data should come from a reliable reference. The submissions must be available in editable soft copy and the element of creativity and importance should be clearly evident. Infographic should not exceed a A4 page size with no fonts less than 10. Use a legible font. These formats are welcome: JPEG/PNG/PDF/TIFF with a maximum size of 2 MB. It should be minimum 150 DPI in resolution.

B) Audio-video

Videos with or without audio are welcome and should be less than 1 min including title and credits. Any video exceeding by even a second will be disqualified. Credits should be added acknowledging those involved and also the references should be provided. Submission format can be MP4, MOV, AVI and WMV. The maximum file-size allowed is 25 MB after compression.  The films should be uploaded on YouTube.
The link should clearly mention “made for INYAS PIVAC for Vaccine Awareness”.

General guidelines:

  1. All submissions should be available as editable files and should be available for later use on request.
  2. Any data/fact used should have a valid and reliable reference.
  3. The participant should sign / agree to allow the usage of entry by INYAS for vaccine awareness. INYAS will ensure that the participant is informed of the usage.
  4. An individual can submit a maximum of 2 entries, one in each kind.
  5. Group entries are also welcome with a team lead as the applicants.
  6. Self-certification is required that the entry is original by simply clicking on check box while filing nomination.
  7. The entries will be evaluated by a panel of judges appointed by INYAS.
  8. Results will be posted on INYAS website, COVACNEWS app and social media. The winners will also be individually informed.
  9. In case of any discrepancy or ambiguity, judgment of the judges will be final.


Category A: info-graphic
One 1st prize of INR 3000
Two 2nd prize of INR 2000
Two 3rd prize of INR 1000

Category B: Audio-video
One 1st prize of INR 5000
Two 2nd prize of INR 3000
Two 3rd prize of INR 2000

Deadline: The entries may be submitted anytime till 26th April. 2021.